Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Total Adventure Consulting & Training (Team-TACT) formerly known as Sport Recreation Adventure Team (SRAT) was formed in 2004 by the pioneer professional members of SR Adventure Team. After undergone successive of business developments, the company was subsequently converted into a private company in 2008. The company was registered under the name of Total Adventure Consulting & Training (Registration No: SA-0089299-X)

The core business of the company is to provide training and development to the customers through integration of in – house training sessions and outdoor adventure activities. All these programs are conducted by our professional consultants and specialized instructors with combined experience of over 30 years.

Our customers to date ranging from directors, managers, supervisors, staffs, students and members of clubs/societies from various corporate and government agencies locally and internationally.

We believe in providing the utmost excellent services to our customers relevant to their individual satisfaction and organizational needs. With that we are consistently upgrading our services with the changing needs of the customers and organizations inline with the environmental dynamics.